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Ushering in a different business model

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1default Ushering in a different business model في 23/11/2009, 7:27 pm


friendly green technology is now the buzz word that is doing the rounds in the
board rooms of almost all the multinational corporations. The significance of this green technology is
that the so called green parts used in the manufacture of a gadget never
pollute the environment. Almost all the
present technologies and methodologies used in the manufacture of the consumer/
industrial products have a long ‘shelf life’ and it is difficult to discard
them quickly.

example, consider the problems associated with plastics. Plastics are widely used for various
purposes. These plastics never breakdown
or degrade. The soil into which we throw
away the plastics dies off without any chance of regeneration. This is because the plastic creates a cover
on the soil preventing the seepage of water and other essential nutrients into
the soil.

In almost
all research labs of the world, the concept of ‘green technology’ is being
promoted like never before. This concept
gives importance the fact that all the parts and other accessories of the
various products should be recyclable and if thrown away, they should integrate
fully with the soil without leaking out any hazardous chemicals and other
harmful substances into the soil, water and air. In short the environment should be kept neat
and clean and there should not be any trace of the product.

Almost all
the byproducts from the used fuel cells and batteries pollute the
environment. Some of the battery/fuel
cell manufacturers have now come up with the concept of ‘buy back’ option. In countries like Japan, if you want to purchase a
new battery, you must return the used battery to the shopkeeper. This has helped to curb the careless throw
away attitude seen in other countries.
But that is not the end of the problem.
The manufacturer will have to spend a huge sum of money to manage this

like rod aycox have now teamed up with the industry to tap
this emerging market. Companies like
Atlanta Fuel Cell have signed agreements with the businesses promoted by Mr.
Rod so that it will be mutually beneficial to both the parties.

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