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Win7codecs 2.4.8 (22/04/2010)

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1default Win7codecs 2.4.8 (22/04/2010) في 29/4/2010, 1:07 am


[CENTER] [B] [SIZE = "4"]
[COLOR = "DarkOrange"] [IMG] [/ IMG]

[B] [SIZE = "5"] [COLOR =
"Green"] Win7codecs 2.4.8 [/ COLOR] [/ SIZE] [/ B] [/ COLOR] [/ SIZE]
[/ B] [/ CENTER]

[B] [COLOR = "Green"]
Synthesis of encoder / decoder the best from all packages encryption /
decryption is English. [/ COLOR] [/ B]

Created by the author of
Vista Codec Package package. The installer will
automatically remove the package version encoding / decoding different
from your computer before installing the complete package eyebrow. You will not need to do
any tweaking or changes that can still enjoy the multimedia content
instantly. Windows Media Player and
Windows 7 Media Center will immediately identify all files to be played.

[B] [COLOR = "Green"]
application packages without a watch / listen to music and do not
automatically associate the file format. [/ COLOR] [/ B]

With this package using
your computer can use any media player / any player, limited only by
their features alone, to see every movie and music formats. Support media formats
play on all popular web browsers. Users encoder / decoder
capable Win7 selection and placement of components installed through a
public file distribution. After installation you
can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire
package. You can also install the
components were removed at any time.

[B] [COLOR = "Green"] The
encoder / decoder is always a problem for most users at one time or
another. [/ COLOR] [/ B]

That's because no one
solution that works directly to the average computer user can install
and get everything stable operation from the beginning. Recently appeared many
solutions package encryption / decryption on the market, but do not have
a solution to meet as I want. I always need some
tweaking done, or even change the settings again just to make the
encoder / decoder I need / want and almost every time that file is not
play correctly . I have never received a
multimedia specialist. My experience in this
field before creating packages decode / encode just double click a file
to download and hope it will run. So with the help of the
MSFN community, I decided to pack the encoder / decoder minimum required
by most computer users and share with everyone.

[RIGHT] (translated by
[B] [COLOR = "DeepSkyBlue"] full size [/ COLOR] [/ B] - [/

[B] [COLOR = "Green"]
Win7codecs Changes in 2.4.8: [/ COLOR] [/ B]

[Indent] - update filters
gabests 1802

- Update ffdshow 3370

- Preview pane enabled
for all filetypes

- Application settings
updates [/ indent]

[Homepage =
""] Homepage - Homepage [Homepage]

[The B] Size: 24.7 MB [/

""] Win7codecs Final
Download [/ DOWN]

""] Download x64
Components [/ DOWN]

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