ترحب إدارة المنتدى بكافة المقترحات التي يتقدم بها الأعضاء من أجل تطوير و تحسين المنتدى .. و نعدكم بعمل المستطاع لتلبية مقترحاتكم، مع فائق الشكر و التقدير ... إدارة المنتدى
لقد تم مؤخرا ًنشر كتاب (فلك الشيطان) و الذي ألفه زميلنا من الدفعه الكاتب / مجلي الجرباني و الكتاب متواجد في مكتبات خالد ابن الوليد في التحرير و الدائري
للراغبين في وضع أخبار جديده للدفعه إرسال رسالة إلى بسام المردحي المتواجد في المنتدى و شكراً.... إدارة المنتدى

أهلا وسهلا بك زائرنا الكريم, أنت لم تقم بتسجيل الدخول بعد! يشرفنا أن تقوم بالدخول أو التسجيل إذا رغبت بالمشاركة في المنتدى

How to improve your English?

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How to improve your English?
Last night when I went to bed I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep so I got up and wrote this peice:
1. I believe that any language is not only a number of vocabulary and grammar, but in fact is a culture! For example, picture an Indian guy who wants to learn Arabic, so he went to school, and when he went back to society, he didn’t understand the jokes, some sentences and the right abbreviation of some words! That is why when learning a language we need to acknowledge the culture of its native speakers. At the same time, we need not to forget the importance of a rich vocabulary in the learning process, because in order to speak, read or understand the language we need a wide variety of words. If that is the case, then how can we understand the culture and increase our vocabulary?
The answer for this question is by:
2. Trying to speak the language with the native speakers as much as possible.\
3. Reading some articles and books in that language.
4. Tuning to some radio and TV stations that operate in that specific language (like the radio station 107.9 FM
5. Surfing the internet to search for some educative websites especially those for kids, because of the simple language they use!
6. Trying to write some pieces and letters in English and showing them to an English instructor in your school.
•Important note: when trying to learn a new language, be careful of drowning or melting in that culture..
•Always remember that: westernization is NOT civilization!

To Improve Your English Skill You Need


Q: what's the benefit of studying grammar and doing exercises
to improve your English ,to know which level you are and to what extent you are progressing

Q: Is it possible to improve your speaking skill without visiting English speaking
Yes, it’s possible because you can improve your English by many ways

Q: How to improve your Writing Skill
To improve your writing skill write every thing you want .Write about your hobbies, interests or write e-mail to your pen friend


Q :what's the benefit of reading a ********
it shows you structures and expressions that you can use them in writing or speaking , it see you grammatical roles naturally. and make you encounter new words


Q: what 're the materials that help you in improving your listening skill?
There are so many materials that can help you in improving your listening skill such as Radio, Broadcast, and CDs in English.

Q: why should you expand your vocabulary?

you expand your vocabulary to improve your ability to think and express yourself, and to understand more of the world around you and within you

Learning English is a process that requires effort and time that doesn't happen

overnight. Some people learn English easier than others and that depends on their capability, willingness and goals. There are so many ways and technologies which help to make learning English more flexible and easier. Choosing the best ways for you and using so many different methods will help you to learn English faster. Learning English needs patience and practice so that you will never learn English, unless you practice what you have learned and have a lot of patience
Studying grammar and doing exercises are the most important ways to learn or improve your English. Studying grammar makes you know the tenses of verbs, and how to talk and write correctly by using them. It isn't a whole process of learning English but it is apart of it. The majority of learners decrease the benefit of doing exercises and taking test. In fact those ways are very important to improve your English, to know which level you are and to what extent you are progressing. Also their results will give you motivation to continue
Speaking Skill, there're many people hesitate to speak English because they don't want to be foolish .speaking is an important skill we should do all our best to excel at it. Some learners believe that it's impossible to improve their speaking skill unless they visit an English speaking country, but that's not correct because you can improve your English by many ways. At the beginning , It's important to keep in your mind that you should "speak as much as possible, and make mistake as much as possible because when you know that you made mistake you know that you made progress." try to take advantage of all of situations that encounter you For example, when you go to school you should use the opportunity to speak to your teacher by answering the questions , debating or speaking with other students .Also when you go shopping you have a wonderful opportunity to practice your English by using a small talking by speaking with the Shop assistant, waiters and taxi driver. In addition, you can speak with your friends who speak English fluently. It's good to be in contact with native speakers for instance American, British, Irish and Australian who live in your city. When you talk to them don’t be worried whether your expressions are right or wrong .They doesn't care about your grammar at all. They only care about what you say to them, but that doesn't mean that the grammar is not important .Finally, don't be afraid to speak even if you make mistakes. There's saying "The person who never made mistake, never made any thing." So think of your mistake as something positive and useful

Writing Skill, Good writing is more than just using correct grammar and suitable words. It is a process that helps you to develop your thoughts and translate your feelings logically. Some people believe that they are unable to write in English form, but that's wrong if they can think and say some sentences that mean they can think and put their thoughts in sentences on a paper. To improve your writing skill write every thing you want .Write about your hobbies, interests or write e-mails to your pen friend. Also, writing a personal journal is a good practice for you where it makes you write daily. Constant writing will make your writing more natural, and helps you to get more confidence where the saying was said “The more writing you do, the better you will get”. How to write correctly is an important element. As I mentioned previously it is not only suitable words or correct grammar, but it is also planning, checking, revising and organization. Making a note and a rough plan for what you are going to write make the task much easier. Your first draft may have lots of mistakes and be incomplete. So, revise and revise and edit what you write, and make sure that your thoughts flow logically that will make your writing well developed and well organized. Finally, reading the works of those who are known to write well and observing the syntax, ******* and ********ure of good prose as well as writing a summary of what you have

read will also help to improve your writing.

Reading Skill , Right now you are reading English that means you are using a very a active way to improve yours. In Canada, they use reading as effective approach to learn English quickly. Generally, reading skill has many advantages especially in this case where it gives good examples for writing. When you read a ******** , it shows you structures and expressions that you can use them in writing or speaking , it sees you grammatical roles naturally. And make you encounter new words. It's good to read at the right level for you to understand what you read. That's why you should know which level you are. When you find more than five new words pre page that means that you are not in the right level and you have to choose simpler. Read magazines , novels, short stories, articles , newspapers and what so ever interest you in, to get a good acknowledge of the English ******** . Now you can practice reading skill wherever you go where you find it in shop's names, advertisements, and car's numbers. Finally, to learn English and become proficient Read, Read, Read and Read even if you don't understand what you read."Have you forgotten what we said at the beginning “that learning English is gradual process and it doesn’t happen overnight?”

Listening Skill, you won't learn any ******** without hearing it first, even your own ********. When you were a baby, you didn't understand your ********. Then you got it by listening to your family, and gradually you learned to speak, learned to read and learned to write, but listening comes first. Listening and Imitating are ways which help you to be proficient in English. At first time you listen to English, it will sound like "One big long word", but if you keep listening, the big word will be "smaller" and you will be able to know where the word begins and where it ends... It's good to choose the materials that interest you, where being interested will make learning more enjoyable and effective. There are so many materials that can help you in improving your listening skill such as Radio, Broadcast, and CDs in English. In addition, English movies and Television shows, which make you, hear the flow speech from the actors or interviewers .lastly, be around your friends who speak English fluently especially when they are conversing with others

To increase your vocabulary

Do you know that you can speak English nicely just by 500 English words. So, why should you expand your vocabulary? You expand your vocabulary to improve your ability to think and express yourself, and to understand more of the world around you and within yourself. Listening to radio, watching Television, and listening to people who speak English fluently help you to learn new words that are a part of your environment and are also interesting to you. .One good method is to read articles or books that are slightly more difficult than what you are accustomed to. When you come across a word you don't know, see if you can figure out its meaning from the con******** first, look at the way the word is made up with its letter. Does it remind you of any word you already know? If it does not, then you need to write it down in your note book. After you are done from reading, go to the dictionary to find out its meaning. Then write its definition in your notebook and say the word load. It's much easier for you if you learn words by making sentences than learning words individually. Making up an image in your mind will help you to remember the word and keep it in your mind .lastly, try to work it into your conversations every chance you get.

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